Moving on

So, this happened. I left Silimalombu.

It’s a long story but an argument made it clear that I can’t stay. I still love and adore the place and I still respect everyone there, but me and the owner of the place simply couldn’t get along, we would fight for little things and then ignore each other for days. And today, as I returned from extending my visa, we had the final argument, in which we both made it perfectly clear that it’s impossible for us to live under the same roof. So I left, with thunder and lightening in front of me, and great friends left behind. For now I don’t know what exactly I will do (definitely not returning home or giving up) and next few days will be extremely difficult, but I want to make few things clear :

1) I am perfectly safe, I have a place to stay tonight and I will figure everything out as I go. I have made a lot of friends here, the people of Iyakoko Patea choir are also helping me a lot, and Silimalombu isn’t the only place in Indonesia. I am not sitting in the jungle and crying.

2) I still plan to stay in Indonesia for a while, but I really don’t know how everything will happen. If I find a great place outside of Indonesia, I go there and return to Indonesia later

3)I absolutely expected my plans not working out and maybe going through several places before I find one that I can stay in. It’s not the end of the world

4) I have in no way, shape or from lost my love and respect for Indonesia, batak people, Silimalombu, or even Ratna (who I couldn’t work with). There are times when things don’t work. It’s not bad people or places. It’s simply different people that don’t work together and it’s fine. For me this is all a part of the adventure, not a misfortune. Sure, it would have been nice to stay there (as I love the place and what they do), but maybe it’s simply that there is a better place waiting for me. So being mean to the place doesn’t really help anyone.

5) I will keep everyone updated within the realm of possibility, but it might be that I don’t have any precise news or internet, so don’t freak out if I keep silent for a few minutes.

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  1. Taisni vai labi, ka es nočamājos ar pastkartes sūtīšanu, citādi tā būtu nokļuvusi tur, kur Ofijas vairs nav. Kad tiksi atkal pie patstāvīgākas adreses, priecāšos to uzzināt.

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